1. Upload your file.
2. Enter the description if required
3. Enter how you wish to be paid. GCN, BTC or PayPal.
GCN is instant. BTC and PayPal are sent at the end of the month.


Payments are as follows based on the file price.

GCN                we keep 20% you get 80%  Max GCN 50m
GCN                You can convert GCN to BTC on the exchanges after. 

PayPal    under $2 we keep 40% you get 60%  Max $50
PayPal    over  $2 we keep 30% you get 70%  Max $50
BTC       under $2 we keep 40% you get 60%  Not available yet
BTC       over  $2 we keep 30% you get 70%  Not available yet
All files over $10 we keep 20% you get 80%

Maximum 5GB per upload. Maximum 5 files with one password. Hold the Ctrl key when choosing more than one file.
Note: The passwords are caps sensitive.

Files not downloaded will auto delete after one year.
Report copyright issue.


1. Lost password $8 charge.
You must use the browser you uploaded from to recover lost passwords. We will send you the passwords for any files we have belonging to you. If you clear your browser cookies we will not be able to identify which files are yours.
2. Delete files immediately $7.
3. Support requests $20 per hour (minimum $10).

Gfile, suitable for mobile phones and all computer systems.

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